E-Menu Guys Restaurant Reporting Software

E-Menu Guy’s Restaurant Reporting Software

  • Create a customer loyalty program, catch repeat customers
  • Advertize sales and discounts
  • Make an impact on social media

Create a customized promotion program through our software dining system that will improve your restaurant’s image.

  • Promote special deals
  • Create a custom loyalty program that helps make repeat customers
  • Promote sales with discounts and coupons
  • Get repeat business
  • Reward your best customers to ensure repeat business
  • Better your restaurant’s image
  • Grow your social media profile

Upwards of 1/3rd of restaurants are offering some type of customer loyalty program, restaurants are smart to offer loyalty programs as 57% of customers say that having a loyalty program makes them more likely to shop at a particular establishment, Restaurants are definitely hindered by not having a membership program. A massive 82% of loyalty program members referred at least one friend, according to this study. That would mean if a restaurant has 100 loyalty program customers, 82 more paying customers walk in the door.

Most definitely, restaurant owners and managers are busy worrying about the mirrid of different tasks that need to be completed when opening and running a restaurant, from training staff to inventory management, but E-Menu Guys’ loyalty program is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Our customer loyalty program can help restaurants connect on a more personal level with customers. Allowing restaurants to turn satisfied guests into loyal customers, and as is well know through the restaurant business, regular customers are the best customers. If our VIP program catches you just a few regulars, it will have paid for itself and we are here to assure that it does much more.

Customer loyalty programs are key to bringing in repeat customers, our software helps to grab those crucial customers. Promote deals of the day and offer coupons through E-Menu Guys’ customized program. Customers can share their VIP statues on their social media as well, increasing any restaurant with our program’s social media footprint and promoting the business. Paper loyalty cards are easy to lose or misplace often frustrating customers more than promoting a brands image, but with our software customers will be happy to spend money and increase their VIP status. Restaurants are advised to create their very own customized promotion program through our software dining system to improve their restaurant’s image.

E-Menu Guys’ Restaurant POS system is an ideal fit for:
Full Service. Delivery Restaurants, Buffet, & Bars.