We offer POS Systems, Tablet Menu, App Ordering for Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Bars, Food Trucks, & Bakeries

E-Menu Guys, a leading New York Tech Company, is here to service your restaurant or any food ordering business with the latest Tablet E-Menu, Self Ordering Kiosks, and the latest POS system out there. We provide the hardware, software, training, and technical support that your business requires to be competitive and cost effective.

We offer products such as iPad & Microsoft Surface POS Systems, iPad & Android Tablet paperless E-menus for customers to order, self-ordering kiosks with the LED screens and the fixtures, app for food ordering, and all the CRM and management tools with our robust POS system for restaurants. We are already known to offer Tablet E-menu, Self-ordering Kiosks and all of our other products in cities leading markets like New York, Five Towns, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Boston, and all other major cities in the US.

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E-Menu Guys POS

E-Menu Guys POS

E-Menu Guys POS

E-Menu Guys offer the most advanced yet flexible POS system for restaurants in New York, New Jersey, California, and other major markets in the US & Canada. We work with your existing POS system infrastructure to bring you the best custom system for your particular restaurant’s needs.


E-Menu Guys Tablet POS

Tablet POS

Tablet POS

Our Tablet POS system allows your waiters to take and send orders to the kitchen right at your customers’ tables. Our POS tablets, additionally, give the ability to customers to view your restaurants dishes before ordering Speeding up order time and improving your restaurant’s Image.


E-Menu Guys Ordering Tablets, App, Kioks

Ordering Tablets, App, Kioks

Ordering Tablets, App, Kioks

E-Menu guys offers several different options to upgrade your restaurant. We offer E-menus, custom app pages, and automated kiosks as well as other important restaurant upgrades.


E-Menu Guys Online Order

Online Order

Online Order

We offer custom website pages that allow your customers to view your menus and place orders online all without having to pay for a costly website build and doing away with the headache of server management.


E-Menu Tablet

E-Menu Tablet

Order from iPad or
Android Tablet

Saves Payroll & Better
Customer Service

E-Menu Guys’ E-menus allow customers to view beautiful HD pictures of your dishes before ordering. Our E-menus as well allow for allergy and ingredient info to be shown to customers without them having to bother with asking a waiter.

All our POS devices and software ultimately save restaurants money. Staff time normally used to take orders with the help of our services can be greatly reduced. Customers also eat and leave quickly as lines are diminished and table turnover is increased.

E-Menu Guys Smartphone App Ordering

Smartphone App Ordering

Customers can order from their phone

Give customers an intuitive experience

Customers can order from your restaurant via our app using a QR code. This seamless process does not require an additional app download to access your restaurant’s menu and order via the app.

The app ordering will give customers an intuitive experience. People love techonology; it makes ordering food even funner.

E-Menu Guys Self Ordering Kiosks

Self Ordering Kiosks

Let Customer’s order on Kiosk
without waiting in line

Save on Employee

Improve your restaurant’s look with our automated kiosks. Allow your customers to decide what they want to eat, sending their orders directly to your cooks, while removing the middle step cashier.

Our Automated kiosks cut down on the need for cashiers thus saving on employee payroll and taxes. Additionally, our kiosks never call in sick.

E-Menu Guys Multiple Languages
E-Menu Guys Caller Id Display
E-Menu Guys Google Map
E-Menu Guys Reporting

Latest POS System

Touch Screen iPad or Surface POS Systems

Touch Screen Computer POS Systems

Take Orders From Tablets

Manage Your Entire Restaurants

Take orders or manage your business via Microsoft Surface Tablet or an iPad.

Our software seamlessely integrates with touch-screens of multiple sizes.

Have the waiters take customers orders on a tablet, do away with traditional pen and paper.

Manage your entire restaurant – employees, food inventory, accounting – using our software.

E-Menu Guys Reservations
E-Menu Guys Staffing Management
E-Menu Guys Inventory Management

Reservation & Staff Management



Inventory management

Our software helps in Booking and scheduling reservations, additionally sending automatic text messages to customers about their reservations.

Incorporated into our POS System is software to manage employees.

Our software as well takes the headache out of inventory management. Giving analysis reports on inventory usage.

E-Menu Guys Report
E-Menu Guys Loyalty
E-Menu Guys Mobile Order
E-Menu Guys Mobile Payment

Reporting & Payments

E-Menu Guys Report

Loyalty Programs

Mobile ordering

Mobile Payments

Our cutting edge software gives detailed reports for easy employe management, inventory management, and customer analysis. With access both for mobile and desktop settings, our software makes restaurant management easy.

Our software enables restaurants to create custom membership programs, coupons and discounts, gift cards ensuring loyal customers for your Restaurant.

Let your customers place orders from on the smartphone

Supports APPLE Pay and several other payment options as well as having EMV integration

E-Menu Guys Multiple Languages
E-Menu Guys Caller Id Display
E-Menu Guys Google Map
E-Menu Guys Reporting

Language & Google Map Support

Multiple languages

Caller ID Display

Delivery Mapping


Support for English, Spanish, as well as several others

Customer info and order history appear on order taker’s screen when a customer calls.

Our software automatically calculates distances and routes for deliveries.

Generate smart analysis reports on different fasciitis important to restaurant management such as inventory usage, customer analysis, and employee management.




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In person Installations

Staff Training

Staff Training

Upgrades Included

Free upgrades
for our software

Custom System

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your needs


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