E-Menu Guys Mobile/Tablet POS System

E-Menu Guys Mobile & Tablet POS System

  • Take orders with Tablets
  • Take orders more efficiently
  • Immediate order deliver to the kitchen
  • Cuts labor costs

With E-Menu Guys Mobile & Tablet POS System software available for both Apple and Microsoft tablets, restaurants can completely manage their businesses, from sales to employee, on convient tablet computers. The management software that we offer to restaurants is specifically designed to fit into smaller resolutions in order to give managers the convenience of managing businesses from devices that can be held in their hands.

  • Modern user interface
  • Enhances eating experience
  • Synchronizes to Server
  • Changes to menu content simple
  • Vivid course images, list of ingredient info, and special promotions
  • Synchronizes to POS system host, sends orders to the kitchen
  • Customer reviews and recommendations for meals
  • decreases order processing time thus speeding up table turnover rate
  • Enhances customer impressions
  • Modernizes the dining experience
  • Dose away with paper menu costs
  • Streamlines ordering and Speeds up order time
  • Instant menu item changes at anytime
  • Saves labor costs

Better engages customers allowing for better feedback and a stronger presences on social media
The imminent rise of e-commerce has retailers filled with anxiety. They are worried, “how can we compete in the age of automation?” To relive their worries, E-Menu Guys’ offer Mobile & Tablet POS System solutions allowing restaurants to keep their competitive edge. Competitive pricing and varied selections of products are no longer enough to draw customers, whom are able to shop all they want from the bedrooms of their houses. Modern customers are looking for a buying experience that is fast and effortless and that is where E-Menu Guys Mobile & Tablet POS System solutions excel.
The real question is then “how can we streamline the buying process?” The answer is found in E-Menu Guys’ technology, E-Menu Guys Mobile & Tablet POS System forms a crucial part of the solution, enhancing and adding value to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. E-Menu Guys Mobile & Tablet POS System seamlessly blends sales associates, customers and inventory management in an innovative way that is lacked by e-commerce. Now, with wireless POS peripherals and hand-held mobile devices, employees are now enabled to take orders and complete sales right in front of their customers at their tables. Merging mobile and traditional POS solutions speeding up the purchasing process by as much as 5 to 10 minutes , bringing more value to customers and increasing retail sales.

E-Meny Guys’ Restaurant POS system is an ideal fit for:
Full Service, Delivery Restaurants, Buffets, & Bars.