E-Menu Guys Tablet E-Menus

Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants

  • Eliminate menu printing costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Cut labor costs
  • Immidiate order processing & order delivery to kitchen
  • Change menus at anytime

Our Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants let customers place orders from their tables as soon as they know what they want, additionally, tempting them with savory images and details of your restaurant’s meals.

  • images of meals, ingredient info, and customer recommendations and reviews
  • Update menu content easily at anytime without needing to reprint costly paper menus
  • Intuitive interface design
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Synchronization with POS system host
  • Instantly send orders to the kitchen
  • Do away with paper menu costs
  • Complete orders faster,instantly send orders to the kitchen, speed up table turnover
  • Enhance the customer experience

E-Menu Guys’ Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants include vivid photos of food, increasing a restaurant’s food appeal. Costs and physical printing limitations often restrict the end quality of print menus our E-menus solve these problems. Another issue encountered is order accuracy. As our Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants allow customers to choose their dishes directly, mistakes are far less frequent. Thus, nearly doing away with the costs to replace wrong orders or yet worse, losing a customer.

Additionally, our Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants are easily updated and as frequently as needed. The importance of this feature is self evident, daily deals, combo offers, or quick price changes are made effortless on our system. Next, E-menu guys’ Paperless Tablet E-Menus for Restaurants aren’t hampered by sizing constraints of traditional paper menus, so allowing for nutritional info and other notes that paper menus would have a hard time fitting in. Importantly, our E-menus help to increase customer satisfaction and raise sales by pushing special offers and deals on high ticket items.

As of recent, online food ordering has taken off, it has become the desired choice for purchasing meals; quick and hassle free, this more convenient option allows customers to browse menus, food reviews, etc. on the web in place of having to speak with a busy order taker.So for more than one reason, convenience but also practicality restaurant information needs to be online, this is why our E-menus along with our mobile app, and customizable website pages are all critical parts in helping your restaurant succeed. Make the change to our digital format.

E-Meny Guys’ Restaurant POS system is an ideal fit for:
Full Service, Delivery, Buffet, & Bars.