E-Menu Guys Desktop POS System

Leading Restaurant POS system

  • Support for both English & Spanish.
  • Training and working on is made simple.
  • Modern inventory management
  • Intelligent analysis reports

E-Menu Guys offer the Leading Restaurant POS System to help all restaurants from start-up restaurants to big-chains to manage credit card processing, sales, food inventory, food deliveries, profit-loss and our software is sure to improve your restaurants image. Our Restaurant POS System also offers data analysis with just a few clicks. E-Menu Guys’ Restaurant POS system provides several other services in addition to tracking your daily transactions, our Restaurant POS system helps you merge sales, inventory, and labor management into one easy system. Growing your business is made easy with E-Menu Guys. We specialize in providing service for most every possible application your restaurant provides from: restaurant full-service to deliveries, buffets, dessert spots, and bars.

  • Multi-functional
  • Multiple languages supported including English and Spanish.
  • Easy to train and work with.
  • Process orders rapidly with real-time synchronization with the kitchen, in effect speeding up turnover rate.
  • Modern inventory management with tracking of material usage and ingredient storage as well as providing data and purchase prediction reports.
  • Intelligent database reports with deep analysis of sales, suppliers, and customers.
  • Accurately tracks employee performance.
  • Recommendation reports to increase efficiency.
  • Cloud and local storage available
  • Secure data protection
  • Secure multiple payment methods accepted
  • Increases Table turnover rate on average between 5-10 minutes by streamlining the processes of taking orders and payments;
  • Heightens brand advertisement, customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Easy to train and work with.
  • Practical data-driven advice on restaurant management
  • Data protection with both options of cloud and local storage

E-Menu Guys’ Restaurant POS system is relevant to all types of restaurants irrespective of their current size or service scope. Our Restaurant POS system blankets every business related to food sales. Food is the common universal language, we are all connected to each other by socializing and eating together. E-Menu Guys understand how important it is to socialize by dining and wining together, thus, we have sell a Restaurant POS system that makes it easy for restaurant owners to offer quality and delicious food to their customers. More importantly, present food menus to customers in the most visually appealing way with help of our latest technology. Our Restaurant POS system is composed of two parts, the hardware and software that manage businesses. Our Restaurant POS System is indispensable to restaurants as it stores, analyzes, captures, sales and purchase data giving restaurants the ability to manage and improve key areas of their businesses. There are numerous advantages to using E-Menu Guys’ Restaurant POS system, included in those benefits are that it saves time, streamlines restaurant management, and increase efficiency. Our Restaurant POS system also manages inventory and gives detailed analysis reports

Our advanced software additionally allows restaurants to improve their customer relationship services with with our membership program that allows for special promotions and is an additional way to reach out to customers.

Mankind’s way of doing business was completely altered in the last century as web and mobile based point of sale systems up ended millennia of established restaurant management practices. E-Menu Guys have been at the forefront of the Restaurant POS system business for many decades, our developers have done extensive research to develop our latest Restaurant POS System in order to help our clients easily purchase our hardware, upload our software, and install their inventory, all of this to easily and proficiently manage the restaurant business. Apart from desktop, iOS and Android applications, and tablet mode software, our Restaurant POS system also consists of hardware devices attached to the computer like mouses, keyboards and barcode scanners etc. Some other peripherals (devices/gadgets connected to the computer) are more specific to POS systems like bar code readers, receipt printers, credit card readers and touch screens. Additionally, E-Menus Guys recently added automated ordering kiosks to compliment our POS systems in conjunction with our already available POS options such as our tablet POS systems/ mobile solutions allowing restaurants to increase sales and efficiencies, save on employee payrolls, and of course to boost profits.

E-Meny Guys’ Restaurant POS system is an ideal fit for:
Full Service, Delivery, Buffet, & Bars.