About Us

Test E-Menu guys is a growing American software company, founded in 2017 in New York. We provide the best restaurant POS systems out there. Our company was founded with great service in mind as well as the goal to provide the latest and best POS system software for restaurant businesses. We are confident that we can improve your food service or restaurant’s operation with our cutting edge software and technology. We optimize restaurants by upgrading them with the several different hardware and software options available to us. Enabling us to minimize costs, increase revenue, streamline management and accommodate the needs of the 21st century customer. Our team works hard to ensure your restaurant’s operations get easier and more efficient.

Our Goal

Our team at E-Menu Guys strive to provide service for restaurants of all types and sizes with practical solutions. At the moment, E-Menu Guys and its affiliates are the market leaders in the Asian-American restaurant software business, servicing restaurants all over the United States with technical support. Our headquarters are based right here in the United States. Our service offerings include but are not limited to Operations management systems, including supply chain, staff coordination, customer relationship management tools for the restaurant industry. We are always working to improve the restaurant business sector and help it to run more efficiently.

This is Us…

    • “The restaurant business runs blood deep in my family! My first job was in the food industry, working at my aunts pizza shop. Personal experience has taught me how hard and stressful the restaurant business can be. I got my degree in electrical engineering from the university of Delaware and went right back to what I loved, the restaurant business. With my background in Technology, I sought to blend technology and the restaurant business, that is why I founded E-Menu Guys.
    • Having Seized on the advancements of cloud-based computing, data aggregation, and social media, I made it my mission to bring restaurants fully into the 21st century. At E-Menu Guys, we give you all the tech tools available to improve your businesses with real data analysis and 21st century thought. The now ubiquitous use of software and apps, can allow us to lower your costs, market your business better, and manage your daily operations in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.
    • This is our goal at E-Menu Guys.”

–Andrew David Teper, E-Menu Guys CEO



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