E-Menu Guys Mobile App Ordering

Mobile Order Using QR Code

  • Mobile App Ordering
  • Decrease table service time
  • Lower service costs
  • Improve your restaurant’s outlook

By scanning a QR code of your restaurant Mobile Restaurant Ordering Using QR Code is an easy way to order for delivery, dine-in, or pick up. Full Service, Deliver,Buffets,Bars are all perfect places for our POS software

  • Scan a QR code to make orders easy
  • Easily queue diners
  • Increase table turnover rate
  • Make changes to dishes details easily
  • Increase social media footprint
  • Vivid course images, ingredient info, and customer reviews
  • Increase social social media engagement as meals can be shared
  • No App download is needed
  • Cut down on serving time
  • Lower service costs
  • Better the customer dining experience
  • Heighten social media footprint
  • Better establish your restaurants name
  • Decrease service time and efficiently manage customers’ orders
  • Lessen errors and service costs
  • Customers can track their orders

Advantages are easy to find for restaurants to have a footprint in the mobile app market. It is widely known that sales are increasing from smart phone app orders even faster than web site orders due to their ease of use. As of today, there are 2 billion smartphones on earth with this knowledge in mind and the fact that billing is simplified as our restaurant mobile app can take payments and calculate tips automatically, as well that our system allows for numerous payment options restaurants having our app system are greatly benefited. Additionally, Customers often end up ordering more when purchasing on our mobile app. Dishes can be near instantly updated on our mobile app as well, different than a website that can be difficult to change.

Our app is a great marketing tool as restaurant customers can be sent notifications, specials can be promoted, events can be shared, new dishes can be advertised, store hours can be seen, also happy hours can be shown and more via our mobile app. Our app also helps with customer data analysis as restaurants can track the buying habits of their customers thus allowing them to be better meet the needs of their customers. For example, our Restaurant Marketing CRM Software in conjunction with our app can tell a restaurant that sushi is a favorite of customers on Friday, restaurants can then offer special deals promoted by our app on sushi just for Friday, the end result should be increased sales and greater profits for any restaurant using our POS software. Clearly, restaurants can’t afford not to have our mobile app and POS system software which combines all aspects of online ordering.

Mobile apps increase sales, its that simple – by allowing customers to browse dishes and send orders directly to restaurants through our app sales are increased. Many restaurant owners may have thought that customers are hesitant to shop this way, however, the past holiday season saw mobile sales account for nearly 20% of all online sales. For the modern customer, mobile apps are simply a convenient method to use when purchasing.

E-Meny Guys’ Restaurant POS system is an ideal fit for:
Full Service, Delivery, Buffet, & Bars.